Luis Bonino has spent the last 35 years developing numerous activities in the fields of mental health and the promotion of equality between men and women.

Psychotherapist and Medical Psychiatrist, he has been training in Mental Health and in Public Health in Argentina and Spain since the 1970´s. Since the 1980´s he has specialized in males, masculinity, and gender relations.

He’s been living in Madrid since 1990, where he is director of the Centre for Studies of the Male Condition. This Center is dedicated to research, assistance, and education in issues related to problems males face and problems in their relationships with females.

Currently he is interested in strategies for male change toward equality and shared well-being, men’s mental health, male violence and its effect on women, masculine identities, and new fatherhood styles. During the last few years he has also been dedicating his time to the area ofresolution of conflicts arising from interculturalism, immigration, and the establishment of non-traditional couples.

For many years, he has been participating in diverse universities, governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations in Europe and Central America as a lecturer, educator, and professional trainer in social sciences and health. He was one of the pioneers in Spain in the creation of groups of pro-feminist men, the promotion of which he is still actively involved in.



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